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At Hallet’s Muffler Shop in Faribault, MN we provide a wide selection of only the best exhaust components on the market. We have well established, working relationships with some of the industries leading manufacturers and distributors, including Allied Exhaust Systems and Porter Mufflers.


Allied Exhaust Systems

Team Allied Series LogoAllied is recognized as the largest independent warehouse distributor of automotive exhaust parts in the country. Allied’s multiple warehouses throughout the West and Mid-West allow us to receive quality parts based on our demand.


Working with Allied, we promote and carry their Team Allied Series of exhaust components, which consists of:

  • Allied Street Flow
    Allied Street Max
    Allied Street Style
    Allied Street Armor
    Allied StreetFlow – The all aluminized design was originally developed for muscle car enthusiasts, but it works just as great for those looking for an aggressive sound from their day-to-day vehicles.
  • Allied StreetMax - StreetMax supports a straight through perforated flow tube offering deep sound quality.
  • Allied StreetStyle –These street mufflers promote smooth balanced sound for domestic and import vehicles, and come in a wide variety of tip styles for your exhaust system.
  • Allied StreetArmor – This line of Allied components offers the day-to-day exhaust hardware your vehicle’s exhaust system needs to function at its best. Available in many sizes, StreetArmor includes flex tubes, X and Y pipes, etc.

Team Allied Series information courtesy the Allied Exhaust Systems website:, 10/30/12, 9:15am.


Porter Mufflers – Where the Sound Meets the Asphalt!

As an Authorized Dealer of Porter Mufflers™, we are able to provide the deep, throaty rumble you are looking for. Hand crafted in steel and built to last, Porter Mufflers is based right here in Minnesota and their products are manufactured in the U.S.A. Made popular by hot rodders in the 1930’s, these vintage steel-pac mufflers are back and are a perfect compliment to any classic truck, muscle car or hot rod restoration.


Porter Mufflers information courtesy the Porter Mufflers’ website:, 10/30/12, 10:10am.


Whether your vehicle needs basic day-to-day exhaust parts or you’re looking for an expert to complete a professional exhaust system overhaul, make Hallet’s Muffler Shop your first stop. We carry all the products needed to repair or upgrade your exhaust system. Contact us for product availability or to schedule an appointment.